Monday, January 3, 2011


When I first moved into my new house, I was really excited because I thought everything was a very neutral off white-ish color...boy was I wrong. Sure, it was off white TINTED WITH PEACH! UGGGHHHHH...Hideous is the only word I can describe it with. I don't know how I missed that. Maybe because EVERY PAINTED SURFACE in the entire house was the same...thus, making me feel comfortable. But, once I got my stuff in, I KNEW the paint had to go. And fast. So WE painted...a nice warm, cafe au lait...that looked...PEACHY!! So, I (not we, this time!) painted again. Finally. Sigh. Relief. Happiness. Then I started in the trim, sills, etc. to make them fresh and clean. One room at a time, I am gettin' it done. But, there was that pesky fireplace...with its peach tile and brassy finish. Yuck. Somehow, 3 days before the husband took off for Afghanistan, I convinced him it was a good idea to do a little fireplace makeover.

This picture doesn't quite do it justice, though, because it already has the brassy nastiness off and the surround as been painted white to freshen the varnish-y oak that was there.

So, we smashed out the old tile...

Replaced it with some great, tiny, tiles that were different shades of cream and brown...

Cleaned the old brass with rubbing alcohol and finished it with a high heat spray paint and TA DA!!! New fireplace and very happy wife!

All in all it cost us $68 and about 5 hours of total labor!


  1. That looks so much prettier and modern! Great job.