Monday, December 6, 2010

Yes, Erin, there is a Santa Claus...

Feeling a little nostalgic today...a little sad, as I am missing my husband so much.

So, as I was frantically making my final Christmas shopping list today, trying to figure out how on earth I was going to afford the special gifts my dudes asked the big man for, I stopped for a minute and thought about the day that I found out for sure that "Santa" - as in the big man in the red suit wasn't "real". It was snowy, cold and very close to Christmas. I was 12 years old. Yep, you read it right...12. My mom and I were shopping and we pulled into the lot at TRU. (Now, anyone who knows me, knows that Christmas is BIG TIME in my life. Most of you also know that that strong belief comes from my mom.) So, suspecting the worst, I casually asked her what we were doing. She looked at me kind of funny and said we were picking up the toys for my younger brother and sister. I sat there for a long moment and then said, "So I guess that means there really isn't a Santa Claus." She honestly looked like someone stabbed her right in the heart. Immediately, of course, she started crying and apologizing. I told her that I suspected, but that I was just never quite positive about the whole thing. Logically, it didn't make any sense to me any longer, but in my heart, I felt a belief as strong as when I was little and meeting Santa for the first time. My mom, after collecting herself, told me something that I will always remember and pass along to as many people as will listen.

My mom told me that although the portly man in the red suit with the sleigh full of toys might be fictional, the feeling of Santa, certainly was not. She said that even when she and my dad were in the most dire financial times, they were always able provide a special Christmas for our family. That there may have been no money for toys and huge Christmas dinner, but that somehow on Christmas morning our tree was bursting with gifts and our hearts were full. And in that way, just as I did at 12 years old, I know that there is a Santa Claus.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nesting Baby Shower

***I wrote this post a long time ago, but somehow I never really finished it and it got sent to "drafts" and was never published. As we are now celebrating the first birthday of little Miss Bailey, I just wanted to share it and give all my love to Miss M. as she has become a great mommy to a special little girl! ***

I wanted to share this post because someone very special in my life had a baby. My teenage babysitter. Sigh. Now, I am not one to get preachy, but I have to say that I was so devastated when I first found out she was pregnant. DEVASTATED. I had a lot of hopes for this special young gal who had come to be a part of my family...I think I took it almost as hard as her Dad did. :{ However, she came out the other side of this amazingly and now we have beautiful Bailey Haze to share with the world. *tear* Anyway, after I got over myself, I decided that I wanted to put my heart and soul where it should helping my dear friend get ready for this new adventure in life. We decided on a nesting party - so appropriate because she was out on her own and making her own new home. Just thought I would share a few pics from her party. Much love to you, Miss M.

Her wishes tree...each guest wrote down a wish for Miss M. and baby Bailey on cards designed by my dear friend from MiniWishes. Check out the cute "nests" that held candy - these were just glass bowls that were wrapped with fuzzy pastel yarn and hot glued to the bowl. After the party, all I had to do was peel the yarn off and the glue came right off, too!

Her baby bird cupcakes - taken from Martha Stewart's website

Welcome area - lucky for me, this shower fell around Easter - so I was able to pick up a lot of the decorations from the spring and Easter sections at various stores...and it helped me revamp my decorations for next year!

And lastly, here's a little peek at the funky quilt/play mat that I made for her...even though it isn't in the "nesting" theme, I wanted to share! It's cute and funky - just like Miss M. herself!

I linked this to Centsational Girl

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My first blog...sigh...I created this blog to write about and show pictures of all the things I am creating - and wanting to create - right now.  I tend to get a little ahead of myself and have  a million and six projects going all the time, but needed an outlet (and a way to motivate myself to work harder!) for these neat little things that "I can totally make myself."  

I've got quite a few little projects coming up in the next few months and would love, love, love to have any feedback that will help make my crafting (and blogging!) more of a success.  I've had a little trouble stepping away from the sewing machine lately, unless it is to go to the fabric store, but am pleasantly surprised at how much my stitches are improving!  In the past few weeks I have completed a quilt, a diaper tote bag, a couple bibs and some burp cloths.  My babysitter is pregnant and due in April, so I have been sewing away for her impending arrival - a little girl!  Bailey Nicole we can't wait to meet you!!  As a mother of two boys, I blocked out all things not involving dirt, but now am nearly overwhelmed with a whole new cute, bright, floral world!  Lots of pictures to follow as I enter into this craft blogging world.