Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chair Redo

So, as you may know my handsome husband is deployed to Afghanistan right now, which really is nothing new, but it is the first time I have ever been a stay at home mom (not by choice) while he is gone. I am going CRAZY! It's not that I don't love being able to spend time with my boys, but I am a WORKER. I thrive on being insanely busy - which is what life with a full time job, two little boys and a deployed husband makes you. And crazy. :) So anyway - on this deployment I decided I need a new hobby. I thought that thrifting and redo-ing furniture for our new home sounded like just the thing for me. I had been searching for furniture for our guest room - I just wasn't into spending a ton of cash on furniture that 1. didn't really like and 2. was just like what everyone else had. So I talked with my dear friend, Brooke, who is a Home Refiner and told her what I was looking for and what I wanted to do. All I can tell you, thus far, is that I furnished my guest room (not including the mattress and box spring) for $29. Yep. TWENTY NINE DOLLARS!! I was almost doing cartwheels after shopping for a couple hours with Brooke! Of course, it means a lot of time - but time is all I've got until summer! The best part (as you will soon see) is that all of these projects help to make the new house OURS! Can't wait to get them all blogged!!

So this little gem was purchased at the Arc for a bargain basement price of...$4.99!!! I admit I had already done some sanding when I took this first picture - I am a little impatient and not used to documenting each step of my activity!!

So I took her apart, removed the hideous vinyl cushion,sanded her completely down, filled in a few cracks with my trusty wood filler and primed her. I used a spray primer - I believe it was a Valspar spray primer, in white, obviously.

I let the primer dry for several hours and then was ready to paint. This is also spray painted, with Rustoleum's High Gloss Black.
I had found the perfect bedding for my guest room at TJ Maxx (my FAVORITE store!) - it's a beautiful soft gray with ruffles by Cynthia Rowley - LOVE IT! But, it is pretty neutral, so I knew I had to do something with a little bit of pop for the cushion. I happened to be in Hobby Lobby (shocker) and found a super cute - very retro, but modern fabric that I thought would be perfect. I love how this chair came out!!

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  1. This chair is...awesome. I love it with the black paint. $4.99?! What a steal of a deal!