Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coffee Table Re-purpose

I have been looking for MONTHS for a new bench for my entry/living room area. I had a bench that came with me from my old house but, like soooo much of my other stuff, was just not quite right for the new space. No worries, though, she ended up in my master bedroom and looks just perfect...but more on that in another post! Anyhoo, the hunt for the perfect bench had been going on for quite some time when I stumbled upon this coffee table at the GW. I've seen some other coffee table renovations and thought I would give it a shot myself.

This has got to be the sturdiest table I have ever purchased! It is BIG and solid...the perfect base for a bench. It has great lines and perfect little details - and the best part of it?? $20 with two matching HUGE end tables!! The end tables are still stacked in my garage...not sure what I can do with them - but if all else fails they will go in my summer garage sale. I debated back and forth about painting it heirloom white as I did my chairs in my living room or painting it walnut brown like I did the accent table. I decided to go with the walnut, as I wanted to use the same fabric on the bench that I did on the chairs, but didn't want it to be totally matchy-matchy. I think the heirloom white would have shown the detailing better, but I am really pleased with the dark walnut. Plus, I am getting ready to change the railing for the stairs to white and since this bench sits against the stairs, I think the walnut will "pop" more.

What do you think??

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Living Room Progress...

Wow! I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post...I guess I have been busier than I thought!

I thought I would share with you today, the culmination of a few different projects that are slowly coming together to form my formal living room. We've been in our house 9 months and I am slowly trying to make it all come together. Below is a picture of our LR, as it looked until about January - please try to look past my husband having a headstand contest with my niece! :)

You can see my little plaid sofa - with no legs - and my brown corner shelf. Both of these items made the move with us from Idaho - the corner shelf used to be red and the sofa used to have rockers. I was trying to decide if I wanted to keep it a rocker or turn it into something else. Below is a picture of my old great room, in my old house. It was perfect for there - but not wanting to keep the same color scheme (for a variety of reasons) - I needed to make some changes.
So, I painted the corner unit almost immediately after getting into the house and deciding where that monstrosity would fit! I added curtains to match the dining room - as they are connected and I wanted the open space to flow as much as possible. You can see some of revisions to the dining room on an earlier post here. I wanted the same bright look for the living room. I had redone a chair (shown here ) and had found another that was similar and I redid that one the same way. The before on the second one was not nearly as hideous as the first - but I still wanted a "matching" set. I spent $14 on this chair a few months ago at the Arc.

Here's the before:

And the after...

I was really drawn to the caning on these chairs, so imagine my excitement when I found this at Goodwill for $5!! Look at that beautiful caning on the bottom - and what a great shape for an accent table! I was IN LOVE. I am so seeing this piece in the same dark brown as the corner unit.

Lastly...remember my plaid sofa? Remember my friend Rainee who helped me recover that little number for my office? Put 'em together and I have this! We recovered the sofa with a golden/tan corduroy! (Oh, and see that little lamp there on the side? That was a $2 GW find - a basic brassy floor lamp that got a couple coats of ORB and is good to go! Still trying to figure out if I am going to make a different shade or not...)

So...without any further delay...here is the progress I have made on my living room...with my pals staged in (yeah right) for the big photo shoot.

Would love your feedback!!

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