Saturday, February 27, 2010

My first blog...sigh...I created this blog to write about and show pictures of all the things I am creating - and wanting to create - right now.  I tend to get a little ahead of myself and have  a million and six projects going all the time, but needed an outlet (and a way to motivate myself to work harder!) for these neat little things that "I can totally make myself."  

I've got quite a few little projects coming up in the next few months and would love, love, love to have any feedback that will help make my crafting (and blogging!) more of a success.  I've had a little trouble stepping away from the sewing machine lately, unless it is to go to the fabric store, but am pleasantly surprised at how much my stitches are improving!  In the past few weeks I have completed a quilt, a diaper tote bag, a couple bibs and some burp cloths.  My babysitter is pregnant and due in April, so I have been sewing away for her impending arrival - a little girl!  Bailey Nicole we can't wait to meet you!!  As a mother of two boys, I blocked out all things not involving dirt, but now am nearly overwhelmed with a whole new cute, bright, floral world!  Lots of pictures to follow as I enter into this craft blogging world.  

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